Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Return of the Goddess

I had the honor of doing the album art for the Great Return, the new LP from the fabulous Purple Rhinestone Eagle. Check out some rad videos of these witch-wizards at their myspace here.
Their U.S./Euro tour kickoff/record release party is at Backspace on July 29th, 8pm. Check their website for tour dates in your town. Any fans of metal, psychedelic, Jimi Hendrix, queer music, lady musicians, or all of the above--don't miss these rad performers.


Adee Roberson said...

this cover has been the screen saver on my computer for like 3 months now. I wish I had the record but I dont yet. This is beautiful peice of art. i look at it everyday.

Annie Murphy said...

Wow, thank you Adee. It is much more thrilling with the "soundtrack". Such awesome ladies, I feel very lucky.
So where's your comic so I can look at that every day?