Friday, October 19, 2012


     Are you a Tarot fan? Or like trading cards? Interested in learning a little bit about magic? Looking for a deck that reflects images of real bodies and multiple genders/identities? The Collective Tarot is a project I've been a part of creating and publishing for the past five years. After a successful Kickstarter campaign this summer we were able to print for a third (and possibly final?) time. If you'd like to order a deck, you can do so here. It comes with 78 full-color cards and a 250 + page pocket-sized book with directions, definitions, and illustrations.

I drew the Bones suit (the Earth element suit), the Code card (the Emperor in traditional decks), wrote the definitions for my cards, co-wrote the booklet with the help of the core collective of 5 and over 20 contributing artists/writers, and drew the handsome sleeve.

Below are pictures of the card/book set, photos from the Kickstarter video, the printing of the cards, this summer's Tarot Tour 2012, and some CT-inspired tattoos. Enjoy!






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